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Queen Phantom

here's an illustration I created a while back, I've already posted this on my DeviantArt, so I figured I'd share it here as well.
this is for my comics I create. Anyway, this is the persona/original character of, Sarah Trivette, the main character of my comics. basically, this drawing is of my character's original character, if that makes any sense, Queen Phantom (or The Phantom Girl, as a secondary name) is supposed to be this supernatural detective/superhero character, I haven't really came up with a secret identity name for her yet other than "Queen Phantom," I've actually been debating between the name Charlotte or Sara since I wanted it to be a bit ironic to the fact that Sarah Trivette is my persona.
I don't know, maybe I'll make a poll later on DeviantArt and see how many people vote which ever name, I already have a last name for this character, it's "Specter" (see what I did there? I know, I'm corny...) The Phantom, will probably be featured in my third comic series I'm creating called "Water Lily Shorts," Water Lily Shorts is just a random style series for me to experiment with different ideas I have, as well as art styles that don't really fit in with my main series "Water Lily High."
I think I mentioned this in the December art of Sarah, (that project will be posted soon.) but I actually use the Queen Phantom name as a user name on some accounts, like here, my head Tumblr and my second Instagram account for example, I actually came up with the name back in 2011, since I'm a big fan of supernatural type stuff (as well as the book "Phantom Of The Opera"...)
I actually have the first page of "WLS" up on my Comicfury site, I'll probably share some concepts from that later on when I get the chance to.

Artwork and character are © to me.