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Duckweed Brushes

It took me a while to create this set, but it's finally done! I don't know about you, but I have had trouble trying to find duckweed brushes for any paint program! So I figured I'd make a free set for everyone that uses Infinite Painter! 

I looked up duckweed specie's for reference, so I could have the perfect mini set. Set includes:

  1. Landotia Duckweed
  2. Lemna Duckweed
  3. Wolffiella Duckweed
  4. Wolffia Duckweed
  5. Spirodela Duckweed
  6. Duckweed
  7. Duckweed 2
  8. Duckweed 3
  9. Mossy Color Pallet

These are perfect for swampy illustrations, comics, commissions, requests, and more! No credit is needed but just don't claim as own. I hope y'all enjoy these!

Like what you see? Then consider checking out my linktree link!

This set can also be downloaded on my DeviantArt! 

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